Pumproom originals


The inception of Pump Room can be traced back to the first Covid19 lockdown that occurred in 2020. Amid growing apprehensions attached to the pandemic, we came together as music enthusiast to heal the world with the gift of music. To be more precise, these individuals embarked on a journey to bring the most sophisticated array of electronic music at a time when all hopes for joy were lost.


Pump Room’s urbanely curated events prioritizes House, Progressive, Techno, and Trance as genres of electronic music. We create soulful experiences, through our exclusive events for the PumpFamily, by featuring the most celebrated and gifted artists from across the globe at best in class locations.
We, the makers of Pumproom, possess five+ years of prior experience in event management and entertainment. With roots such as these, the conception of the Pumproom was inevitable.
We intended to fabricate a portal in the virtual and real-world to exclusively showcase the talent of exquisite electronic musicians worldwide. The Pumproom voyage began by simply sharing groovy music that was handpicked by the founding members of the platform.
Due to the intersection of Pumproom’s birth with the Covid19 pandemic, the team began spreading its curated content merely through digital mediums. We made the most out of platforms like Instagram and YouTube to give the world the gift of mood-uplifting and soul-nurturing music. With a mindset of being larger than life, the platform has been collaborating with several renowned artists since the beginning of its time.
Pumproom boasts a history of hosting some of the finest artists from across the world! And our journey of becoming a progressive disruptor in the music world has just begun


With an optimistic mindset for the future, we have taken up the course towards creating the most awaited Pumproom Records.
Pumproom Records is a label that revolves around underrated, yet skilled artists from India and worldwide. This initiative will boost the recognition of such artists who are otherwise brushed under the carpet. As staunch enthusiasts of electronic music, we believe that gifted individuals deserve the right to be celebrated and identified by the masses.
Our marketing strategies will assist these underrated artists to reach the niches of global audiences in a manner that was never possible before. Pumproom Records will be a dais for the extended propagation of contemporary electronic music.
As we step into this endeavour, we strive to fabricate a brand that is omnipresent in all the levels of consumerism. In the pipeline, we have great plans to unveil exciting products and merchandise for our Pumproom Family!
One such offering is PUMPROOM ORIGINALS – the new-age and cozy clothing brand that delivers elite quality and slick designer wear to best depict the vibrant souls of our much-celebrated audience.